Sensor address information: Address of inside sensor: 7 Address of rain sensor: 7 Address of wind sensor: 7 Address of light sensor: 7 Sensor status information of WS2500 station: Status of temperature sensors: Sensor 1: not available Sensor 2: is OK Sensor 3: not available Sensor 4: not available Sensor 5: not available Sensor 6: not available Sensor 7: not available Sensor 8: not available Status of rain sensor: not available Status of wind sensor: not available Status of light sensor: not available Status of pyranometer sensor: not available Status of inside sensor: is OK General Information: Interval time: 5 min (=> recording time: 3.6 days) Version Number: 3.1 WS2500 language: English Dcf availavility: Yes Dcf is in sync: No Protocol version: 1.2 WS2500 type: WS2500 PC DCF OK : NO Weekday : monday Time : 11:28:48 Day : 26 Month : 10 Year : 2020 Unix date: 102611282020.48
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