I successfully ran it on OpenWRT 7.07-mipsel, Kubuntu 8.10-x86 and Raspbian Stretch-armv7l.

Command line switch help

root@OpenWrt:~# ./slugterm
  --help                show help message
  -k [ --keyboard ] arg specify keyboard event source
  -d [ --device ] arg   Serial device
  -b [ --bps ] arg      Bits per second
  -f [ --font ] arg     Font: 0:6x8, 1:8x8, 2:8x12, 3:12x16
  -c [ --commands ] arg command(s) to run in terminal


root@OpenWrt:~# ./slugterm -k /dev/input/event0 -d /dev/tts/1 -b 230400 -f 0 -c /usr/local/bin/anygetty

DisplayLink version

Sven Killig 2008, 2011