COBI.Bike/SmartphoneHub doesn't support ANT+ (yet?).
When logging a pedelec ride with COBI.Bike, an ANT+ heart rate (e.g. Garmin vívosport) and temperature (e.g. Garmin tempe) sensor, either only Power and Cadence are visible in Strava when uploading the track data with COBI.Bike:

…or only Heart Rate when when uploading the track data with e.g. Garmin Connect:

With CombineGPX, you can augment the COBI.Bike GPX export with the Heart Rate data GPX export(s) and Temperature export logged with my ANT+ integration or e.g. myWorkouts:

It also outputs some pretty SVG:

Requires Java 9 or newer.

Usage: Double click .jar or java -jar CombineGPX.jar [cobi.gpx hr.gpx [hr2.gpx …] [|csv]]

Tip: When §@#! COBI.Bike once again failed to upload track data, choose Connect export twice and replace ns3 with gpxtpx.

Source code

My heat map done with Strava Multiple Ride Mapper

Sven Killig 2018