Python script to save screenshot

Observing the travel of light
The falling edge of a single bit on a couple of cm long 115200 kbps UART connection between a 4D Systems OLED and a bluetooth module.

two more cables in between → longer signal propagation time: 3×108 ms-1 (4.2×10−9 s − 1×10−9 s) ~ 1 m

Bandwidth test with NEC 78K0 PWM
RIGOL RP2200 probe @ 10× with ground lead

Ground spring

Resistive Z0 probe @ 100× built from old 10Base2 T adaptor, terminator, 3 m RG-58 cable and 4.7 KΩ metal film resistor

@ 50×, 1.5 m RG-58 cable and 1 KΩ carbon composition resistor

The character A (01000001→10000010) from a FT232R at 269531 bps. Cursor: 1 start + 8 data = 9 bits → 3.71 µs/bit → 269461 bps

Bit-banging at maximum speed with a FT245R

Measurements with a SFH 213 photodiode
SyncMaster 244T BLU

Chromoflex 3 LED controller

DLP Link

ELV S 2001 ID captured with shorted 1X probe

Zooming and averaging reveals the 433 MHz ISM carrier

Wobbelgenerator: 4 mH, 0.04 µF, 50 Ω → 12.5 KHz
Strange looking 40 Hz square wave

Better at 400 Hz

Sonoff Micro soft start that can't be disabled
PAL video line of the Canon EOS 550D status screen

DHO804: Video trigger doesn't werk

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