OpenCL implementation of the Inverse Distance Weighted/Shepard method described in Scattered data interpolation methods for electronic imaging systems: a survey.

AMDHD 7970 @ GHz Edition0.036
HD 79700.046
HD 58700.148
nVidiaGTX 1080 Ti0.023
GTX 10700.045
GTX 980M0.063
Tesla M20700.230
GTX 2850.392
8800 GTS 6401.195
9300M GS10.825
IntelHD 40001.099
AMDRyzen 2700X, Java double, HT1.081
Ryzen 1700X, Java double, HT1.261
Ryzen 1700X, Intel OpenCL0.239
Ryzen 1700X, AMD OpenCL0.946
Inteli7 3770, Intel OpenCL0.631
i7 3770, AMD OpenCL1.982
P9700, Intel OpenCL4.313
E8400 @ 3.6 GHz, AMD OpenCL6.123
SamsungExynos 9820, Java 8 double6.236
Inteli7 3770, Java double, HT7.293
i7 3770, Java double9.459
i7 3770, Java x86 double, HT13.560
E8400 @ 3.6 GHz, Java double22.030
AMDX2 3800+, Java x86 double, Debian x8637.131
TIOMAP4460, Java 8 double, Ubuntu ARM307.587