COBI.Bike doesn't support ANT+ yet.
When logging a pedelec ride with COBI.Bike, an ANT+ heart rate (e.g. Garmin vĂ­vosport) and temperature (e.g. Garmin tempe) sensor, either only Power and Cadence are visible in Strava when uploading the track data with COBI.Bike:

Or only Heart Rate when when uploading the track data with e.g. Garmin Connect:

With CombineGPX, you can augment the COBI.Bike GPX export with the Heart Rate data GPX export(s) and Temperature FIT export logged with e.g. myWorkouts:

It also outputs some pretty SVG:

Usage: java -jar CombineGPX.jar [cobi.gpx hr.gpx [hr2.gpx …] []]

Source code

Sven Killig 2018