Filmed with a Canon EOS 450D and EOS Camera Movie Record

BackLight Unit coNTRoL

An ordinary webcam as an ambient light sensor to control the BLUs of all attached monitors. Easier for the eyes and the environment!


Keys in cam window

SConfigure camera
RRestart camera
QStop camera
Scroll wheel Shift control range

Command line parameters

BLUntrl [ VfWDeviceNo | ( MonitorNo|MonitorName(-1=all) Brightness(0-100%) ) ]


BLUntrlUse cam 0
BLUntrl 1Use cam 1
BLUntrl 0 0Set first monitor to lowest brightness
BLUntrl "HP Z27q IPS 5k Display" 100Set Z27q to full brightness
BLUntrl -1 100Set all monitors and the notebook panel to full brightness

Possible improvements


2009First release
08.06.2010Command line parameter
22.07.2010Command line parameters
11.12.2011Increased update interval to 0.5 s
30.03.2012Fixed window minimization
13.12.2016Monitor name; nircmd SetBrightness started for -1 if in %PATH% or current directory

Sven Killig